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About Us

We are your best van rental company in the area

Hiring a vehicle should be stress-free, simple and easy, with a clear price that includes everything you need.

That’s why at Volkswagen Financial Services we have ripped up the rulebook, put you first and have brought everything you love about our vehicles and dealing with the Volkswagen Group to a brand new vehicle rental service; Rent-a-Car.

We’ve spoken to customers the length and breadth of the UK and that’s why when you hire a van from Rent-a-Car…

There’s a clear price, with no hidden extras

We’ve all been there, it looks cheap online but by the time you’ve had all the extras and surcharges added into the cost of your rental, it isn’t such good value for money anymore.

That’s why we put the true cost upfront, the price you see is the price you pay, as simple as that – no hidden charges, no unexplained extras.

You get the vehicle you actually booked

Choose from our range of brand new Volkswagen Group vehicles and our aim is to give you the vehicle that you booked every time.

All of those shiny new vehicles can be collected from our showrooms, no more collecting vehicles from port-a-cabins in windswept car parks, just visit your local showroom, grab yourself a coffee and have our dedicated rental experts organise your vehicle for you.

Excess is simple

We’ve cut through the confusing world of insurance excess and no baffling jargon in order to get you to upgrade when you collect. Our standard excess for our vans is £1,000. Simple! 

VW Vehicle Rental

Renting from us is pain-free and paperless

The last thing you want is reams of documents, so we’ve streamlined the process to make it as paper free and easy as possible. Our staff are equipped with handheld devices and send your legal documents directly to your email address.

We will never try to force you to buy extras

Many traditional vehicle rental companies incentivise their staff by offering commission on those annoying little extras that you have to add on when you come to collect your vehicle, we don’t. Of course, we do offer things like child seats, but we will offer them because you need them.

Also in our vehicles where satnav is built-in, it’s still there, not disabled to try and squeeze more money from you. 

So next time you need to rent a van, try Volkswagen Financial Services Rent-a-Car.

You can contact us by calling 0151 728 4702 or emailing [email protected]. Alternatively, you can submit a form via our Contact Us page and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Make sure to leave your phone number and/or email. 

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